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Meta Tag Optimization Service : We offer Meta Tag Optimization which is the first step in creating a search engine "friendly" website. Meta-tags are an important tool for successful search engine marketing as the search engine starts with this criteria in scoring your web site for relevancy. First you must know your demographic by performing keyword analysis or keyword marketing research (Who is typing in what by number that pertains to your business). Meta Tag Optimization is the process of creating a search engine "friendly" website. Meta Tags are HTML code or tags that are used to notify or instruct the search engine on how to "spider" your site and against what phrases. The Meta Tags are in fact the code behind your site, but are used in several visible forms as well. When used properly they will be a valuable factor in search engine relevancy, visibility and will give your potential clients the information they require to make informed decisions as to click through to your web site even when found or ranking well. Keyword Optimization of your Meta tags starts the process properly and results in proper scoring of your web site. Have your website be found!

Meta Tag Optimization Service Summary

Summary of Meta Tag Optimization Service & Steps:

Meta-tags are an important tool for successful search engine marketing as the search engine starts with these criteria in scoring your website for relevancy. Search engines focus on three primary meta-tags to assist them in determining the relevance of a website for a particular search phrase.

The Title Tag is one of the most important meta-tags for a search engine and your potential clientele. The Title Tag should describe exactly what the document contains. It should contain keywords or phrases that you have targeted for that page based on the research of the business demographic that you want be found under. It should also be as readable as possible. You must consider that the Title Tag will be the first thing someone sees if you appear in a search result, as it also generates the "blue link" in the results.

The Description Tag is the secondary tag that accompanies the Title Tag when found through a search engine. The code placed in the title tag generates the summary that will be displayed under the Title Tag when you return as a result. It should be descriptive, but in a summary format and contain the targeted words or phrases in an attractive manor. You have 200 characters that will be displayed.

The Keywords Tag is utilized to list the exact words or phrases that pertain that individual page content and they should have been researched prior to input. It is a request to be included when that search is performed and a request to be scored for relevancy against the individual word or phrases inserted. You have between 500-1000 characters on a per page basis. Each page should contain its own, unique keywords that pertain to the actual content or each. You will be indexed, it is imperative that the exact words or phrases be utilized properly in visible content to achieve a high relevancy score.

Additional Instruction Meta Tags do exist. Some common ones are listed below but usage depends on the structure of your site and most do not pertain to the top 10 search engines criteria:

  • HTTP EQUIV Meta Tags (several forms)
  • Robots Meta Tags (index, follow, all)
  • Revisit Tag (frequency of revisit)
  • Dublin Core Meta Tags
  • Author Meta Tag
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